Focus Areas

Working within the World Health Organization and AARP Livable Communities guidelines, Age-Friendly Columbus will work toward improvements in 8 domains, or focus areas.

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Provide safe and accessible indoor and outdoor places for older adults to gather and utilize. These include, but are not limited to, parks, sidewalks, public buildings, and community support and/or health services facilities.


Ensure that older adults can get to where they need to go affordably, safely, and easily by using a multi-modal transportation system.


Ensure that older adults have access to affordable, accessible, and safe housing options in the neighborhood of their choice.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Engage a variety of cross-sector organizations and agencies to create a comprehensive response plan to ensure the safety of older adults in the event of a personal or large-scale emergency.

Respect, Inclusion, and Social Participation

Honor what each older adult has to offer and encourage participation regardless of age, ethnicity, or race. Provide purposeful opportunities that are accessible, affordable, and person-centered.

Employment and Civic Engagement

Provide ways older people can, if they choose, work for pay, volunteer their skills, and be actively engaged in community life.

Communication and Information

Recognizing that older adults communicate and receive information in various ways which may be different than other age groups, ensure they have access that meets their needs.

Community Support and Health Services

Ensure that older adults are able to access and afford the community and health services that they require.